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A little more to do but, for the most part, our class Website has been completely re-designed and now meets all the new Internet technologies. It is now, "cell phone friendly".
Happy Birthday To You!
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Playland Amusement Park

Located just east of Greenwood Ave. and 132nd (south end of Bitter Lake) was the entrance to Playland. It was developed long before we were born and it included many attractions that we never knew existed.

Just south of Playland proper (125th and Aurora) and long gone before we arrived on the scene was The Automobile Roller Coaster Ride. It was up and running while Playland was being built. Watch the video...
Would you like to take a real nostalgic trip around Playland? If you were not already aware, FaceBook has a bunch of information on and about that amusement park. Here is that link...

For The More Tech Savvy. It Happened This Month.

May 1, 1964
General Electric GE-225 mainframe started running a Basic compiler at 4 a.m. on May 1, 1964. What was that?  It was the 1st BASIC program running on a computer. (Dartmouth College)

At Ingraham, you would have found Webmaster Mike in the electronics class trying to build his first computer.
Your Ingraham Class of 1964, Extended Family.

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