Ingraham Class of 1964 July News Letter.

Our Next Mini-Reunion

Circle this date! September 10th, 2017
5:30 PM
Mama Stortini's Restaurant
401 NE Northgate Way
July Happy Birthdays!
Joel Hall  
Ron Smith  
Richard Jarvis  
Mary Fenton Erickson
Tom Moody  
Bob Wuorenma  
Mike Johnson  
Helen Thayer Setterberg
Susan Evans Bennett
Dee (Delia) Beck Martin
Robin Jones Urich
Peggy Carlson Hurley
Kathey Wyckoff Holderman
Pam Bender Hubbs
Gloria Hill Davis
Curtis Skogsbergh  
Joan "Jo" Cory LeDuc
Kathie McLeod Canedy
Tom Voigt  
Don Lofgren  
Kathi Peterson Maroe
Mary Lightheart Walkup


As of today's date, we have not received any confirmation with respect to the proposed mini-reunion date. This suggests that you should not ink that date. Use a pencil instead.

Once the date is confirmed, a simple CLICK THIS button will be provided to you in the next class of 1964 email. After you click it, your name is automatically added to the Planning on Attending List. We need that in order to give the restaurant some idea of how many guests to expect on the agreed to date.

Monthly Meetings
If you live in the Seattle area or plan on a visit, you don't need to wait for our yearly mini-reunions to hook up with some of your old classmates.

A bunch of us meet at 12:00 every second Thursday of every month at the 125th Street Bar and Grill for lunch. If you decide to make it a regular get to gether, just ask to have your name and email added to the reminder list. If you would like more information, Contact us Through our Class Website.

You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.
Your Ingraham Class of 1964, Extended Family.

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Michael A. Earp


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