We Regret to Inform You...
Loved by all, who of us did not tune in to King T.V. through out the 50's and into the 60's to watch Stan Boreson?
For our classmates who are unaware, Stan left us Friday night, January 27th. at the age 91.
Celebrating a Birthday This Month.
Bill George    
Jim Hildreth    
Tom Malone    
Mary Douglas Hillman  
Robert Jones    
Joanne Januszewski    
Vicki Cook Peck  
John Hastings    
Nick Nelson    
Ron Urquhart    
Linda Landin    
Jan Conrad Maloney  
Rich Taylor    
Pamela Mayhew Menig  
Heather Brookins Davies  
Clark Fryberg    
Rick Vaux    
David Johnson    
Nancy White Willis  

  • Mary Erickson Fenton
  • Kathi Maroe Peterson
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The Annual Ingraham Auction.
Our Class of 1964 is always well represented at this event. Proceeds go directly towards helping to support the best high school in Seattle, Ingraham High School.
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